Readiness for terrorist attacks and “Intifada”

Readiness for terrorist attacks and “Intifada”


  • Can the recent escalation in terrorist attacks affect your organization?
  • Is your factory located near the border?
  • Have previous terrorist attacks affect the performance of your organization?


Terrorists are constantly trying to carry out attacks.


The quiet being observed lately is misleading. It is easy for us, as Israelis, who are familiar with terrorist attacks, missile strikes etc. to forget these and to ‘clutch the calm’, but our soft spot remains – it is those who are behind the lines, who are now in effect in the forefront. They are more vulnerable to attacks and terror strikes.


So, how can we prevent and minimize the terrorists’ striking options?


Emergency readiness is not a slogan – emergency readiness is the main tool for correct emergency readiness, while establishing procedures for every kind of occurrence. The procedures will also help the organization function in times of emergency. 


The first step is to perform a risk assessment survey, in which the present situation in the organization will be assessed. The survey will address probable scenarios and probability of damage being dealt.

The second step is a review of the findings takes place, while taking into consideration important actions on a cost-effectiveness scale.

The third step involves establishing a cross-organization operational strategy, focusing on critical teams for continued production. This also involves building a procedural portfolio, conducting training sessions for the emergency teams as well as other applicable personnel.


In order to properly perform these procedures, it is advisable to consult experienced parties who may help ensure the continued operation of said organizations, which could otherwise be totally lost!


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