Essential plant

Essential plant

An essential plant is any plant which in its entirety or of which a part has been approved by the ministry of industry & employment. It is a plant which adheres to the following conditions:

A plant which contributes or can contribute to the defense of the state or can sustain public security and provide essential services. This applies to any plant which can be utilized to help sustain the market and whose operation is essential to providing public service or the export of goods.


Critical Services Plant:

A Critical Services Plant is any plant which in its entirety or of which a part provides essential services, as are specified by the ministry as applicable to a specials situations or to mass-casualty situations. For instance: the availability of water supply, as well as the availability of food & electricity, health & sanitation. These are services which must be sustained in order to avoid harm coming to the population or to the grounds on which the state of emergency has been declared. Communication, special post-service or a mass PA system could also, according to the minister, could cause great harm to the economy in a way which could affect the entire market.

In order to continue to sustain critical market activity in times of emergency, the authority in charge of the market in times of emergency has established a list of essential plants.


Emergency readiness in essential plants

Essential plants, which have been defined as essential to the market must prepare for emergencies during routine operation, similar to the rest of the essential plants as defined in the “Emergency market”.

Preparation for emergency s based on planning, organization under the supervision and assistance of the ministry of industry and commerce / the authority in charge of the emergency market.


Our company has established a unique model which allows the continued examination of production, transportation and supply in routine and in a state of emergency, thus minimizing the damage to the organization.


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