Preparing for Earthquake scenarios

Preparing for an earthquake is one of the most important and difficult tasks faced by organizations. Earthquake-readiness among organizations, factories and companies in Israel is low. The most effective way to avoid loss of life and damage to property during an earthquake is to make sure that the structure of the organization / company can withstand an earthquake. This is why structural engineers are consulted.


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In addition to the structure, there are other preparations to make (which are no less important) including the conduct of managers and workers in time of an earthquake. Emergency procedures will help workers understand what they should do, what are the necessary steps to be taken, who in the organization is in charge of activating various control systems, what the emergency crew is in charge of, communication with emergency rescue services / government agencies, evacuation of wounded etc.

Preparing for an earthquake is essential for times of emergency.


Using the circular model developed by our company, it is possible to map out the needs, find the problems plaguing an organization and perform early preparations for an earthquake while involving the management with the required actions.


Our company’s direction and counsel offer organizations with a safety net as well as provide them with practical methods to best assess the crisis. We can help cope with and create the necessary relations in the organization as well as with other, relevant parties in order to ensure the continued operation of the organization in case of an emergency, followed by a return to the normal routine.




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