Cyber-attacks: the next war is already here:

Organizations pose a tempting target for hackers, striving to get their hands on their information. It is common to think that hacking is the sole concern of security organizations, the likes of which Lockheed Martin suffered on 2011. Hacking is considering a common phenomenon in the commercial security. It is carried out for the purpose of stealing business intelligence. If we examine the most extreme cases across all sectors, we can find a common denominator for most of them – that is the end-user weak point.


Hacking and stealing online information is getting easier to do, which is why such attacks are more and more prevalent. Organizations tend to put off implementing information security projects because of their initial and upkeep costs. The organization’s management must understand that a wise investment will protect the organization from future losses. Such an investment should be integrated into the annual work plan. The best investment aimed at avoiding significant damage to the organization is educating its employees to preventive behavior.


Most organizations nowadays invest in multi-layered protection or various anti-virus software, but these are only capable of protecting against a small percentage of possible attacks. Opening a suspicious email or inserting an infected USB drive by an end-user might bring entire security systems to their knees. Unfortunately, the end user is usually not addressed, which creates a significant security breach.


The next technological focus must be the end users. It is necessary to conduct training sessions and hold lectures about impending threats and their consequences. These educational actions are a relatively simple way for organizations to add layers of security to their information systems, hold educational workshops addressing “Do’s” and “Do not’s” which might sever to minimize the number of mistakes made by not paying enough attention and not having the right information. The creative and innovative solutions, combined with the foothold and experience IT companies already have will ensure maximum protection against threats. Those who will profit the most out of such a cooperation would be the organizations, the IT companies’ customers who will enjoy a specific, relevant solution to the character of the organization.


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