Information security procedures

An organization which cannot adopt the right information security procedures and turn them into a principal tool may find itself at wits-end in a very short time. The information security procedure is a useful work tool which represents a dire need for the commitment of the management and worker unions to establish the organization’s culture, annual work plans, projects, manufacturing management etc.


Using proper procedures it is possible to supervise the activity of workers in their routine operation as well as in times of emergency.


The information security procedure is designed to provide workers with “do’s” and “do-not’s”, according to the importance of each issue and the information security level.

Limited-reserved-secret-top secret. These security classifications allow for application of the organization policies and requirements to all workers in all ranks. They also serve prevent and neutralize actions which may damage the organization or lead to direct or indirect information security.


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Information security procedures –
an integral part of the organization’s culture.

Information security procedures help managers criticize enforce and supervise divisions and units in the organization

Drawing up information security is done after defining specific needs and requirements according to divisions and units in the organization. The HR information security procedure is not the same as that of the Logistics units.


The task of introducing new procedures into the organization is carried out by the training staff. These training sessions aim at explaining the reasoning behind the information security in order to have workers understand, show responsibility and patience – qualities which could expedite the integration process. The importance of these procedures is manifest during routine and is not limited only to a specific offer or project. Information security procedures may help workers carry out important actions in times of emergency / crisis. Workers act according to the instructions which are laid out in the procedure, preventing outages and continue the organization’s day-to-day routine

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