Registering a plant

Registering a plant

As per the relevant law for business registration, establishments making use of Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are required to prepare a ‘plant registration’ file. Regulations require this file as a precondition to obtaining a license. This registration file is required to include essential information for dealing with crises and emergencies in the factory premises.

Which plants are considered ‘hazardous plants’? – A hazardous plant is a plant dealing in hazardous materials in quantities larger than those specified by the HAZAMT materials as specified.


The purpose of a registration file is to minimize the risk of accidents occurring in the premises of the factory and restore it to an operational state in the shortest possible time after an event has occurred. In order to achieve this, there must be a detailed and through examination of every applicable aspect on the premises. A registration file is drawn up in a concise & effective way in order to act as a quick & efficient tool in an event of a HAZMAT situation. The registration file should, wherever possible, include the requirement of all parties relevant to HAZMAT on the premises. The file will also include all fire-protection requirements.


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Registration file format

  • A description of the plant and its blueprints.
  • Risk scenarios pertaining to the premises
  • A description of protective measure
  • Emergency supplies and procedures


An emergency procedure should be drawn up as part of the registration file – this is to be referred to as the “Emergency procedure”. This procedure should be short, concise and easy to use in an emergency. The emergency procedure is based on a risk survey table, comprised of possible scenarios as well as the action to be taken in case they occur. Choosing the scenarios entails consulting with personnel qualified to grant approvals pertaining to these scenarios.

Events must also be analyzed according to the requirements of the firefighting services (at least one scenario is required) and the police force (at least one scenarios is required – intentional sabotage)

 The emergency procedure in the registration file will contain all the data necessary to handling an event, such as:

  • A list of emergency personnel and communication means inside and outside the plant.
  • Details on the means available to the emergency personnel to handle the event, such as: personal protective gear, monitoring equipment, firefighting equipment, neutralizing equipment as well as mechanical gear.
  • A list of locations around the plant where dangerous substances are stored as well as neutralizing agents and their respective storage place.
  • Means of communication to various emergency services.
  • Maps overlaying the entire plant infrastructure which might come to harm in event of an emergency and those which might be called upon to handle the situation.
  • A description of residential areas, including civilian structures, around the plant which might come to harm in case of an emergency.
  • The plant’s security personnel.


In order to build a plant according to the standard requirements, please contact our company. We would be happy to assist with drawing up the registration or with the emergency procedure as well as running practice drills and educational sessions to ensure the organization is prepared for an emergency.

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