About us

Shlomi Adar company – experts in security infrastructure, is a private consulting company which has been active in the local market since 1999. Our company provides guides private-sector companies through the procedure of providing physical security, information security, personal integrity and management during emergency & crisis situations.

We are experts in planning and implementing security strategies in organizing, directing and managing organizational-wide plans by using a business model we developed called PDS.


Shlomi Adar has over 25 years of experience in the field of security advising in the high-tech and industry sectors. Adar previously served as manager of personal & information security in several high-tech companies, is an expert in MCI (mass-casualty-incidents) and has devised various strategies and business procedures relating to the implementation of security precautions in the organization. 


A complete security consulting service is an essential service required for every organization, especially in light of the threats to the state of Israel. We invite you to make use of our professional services now, rather than later. 


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