Risk Survey

Surveying risks or "controlled risk assessment" is a process of appraisal, identification and assessment of all risks and gap present in the plant, including physical security or information security and / or emergency readiness. These risks and gaps may introduce functional outages in the plant. Risks may be due to internal and external factors. The purpose of conducting the survey is to allow risk mitigation in an organizational context.


Conducting a Risk Survey in an organization

The first step is, as mentioned, identifying the risk. This may be accomplished by drawing up possible scenarios. Receiving data from different sections of the organization including: HR, Operations, Logistics etc.


After the survey results have been obtained, relevant operational options are surveyed, according to the organization’s core business. The underlying idea is the ability to perform actions / instructions designed to prevent and neutralize threats. The entirety of our activity and processes allow for long and short- term savings.


Conducting a risk survey in the organization is part of the emergency readiness portfolio. Risk mitigation in an organization can be performed by using sophisticated models which allow the organization to fully function in times of emergency.


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